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Gamified Rewards for Your Bettors

Integrate with us. Your users will thank you. 

Increased engagement

Once your bettors start playing the rewards game, they will be significantly more engaged with your platform. We see on average a 5x increase in handle wagered for the operators we have integrated with.


No integration or SAAS cost to the operator

Scrimmage earns through optional in-game purchases from the user, allowing us to keep service costs free for you.


Quck to integrate

Partners do not need a public API. Instead, you'll connect with Scrimmage's secured API, opening a one-way connection for you to send us bet details when a user bets. Setting this up takes less than one day.


How the Rewards Game Works

1) Users place bets through the operator

2) Users collect reward coins

3) Users spend coins when they level up and accept quests, prompting further betting with the operator

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About Us

How the Integration Works 

Once integrated you will have a custom rewards tab on your app / website. Your users will be able to bet, play, earn, and redeem reward coins.

The integration requires a connection to Scrimmage's authentication and data APIs, which only takes a day to set up. The last step is to place the rewards tab into your platform using our endpoint. 

From your Scrimmage dashboard, you will be able to submit new quests and control the cash rewards your bettors receive.

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